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Image by Aniket Bhattacharya

Please note that we require 24 hours notice for all cancelled or re-scheduled appointments. Cancellation of any appointments must be done during regular business hours with one of our staff members. We do not accept such requests via email. If you miss your booked appointment, you will be expected to pay a no-show fee of $30.

Did you know that when you access care at other walk in clinics or with some providers, your doctor is not notified about the issue or treatment offered and has to off-set the cost for the visit? As a Family Health Organization, we strive to provide excellent access to our patients as well as additional services (IUD/Nexplanon insertions, joint injections, etc.) by some of our physicians. Please check to see if you can be seen by one of our healthcare team members first. 

New patient applications are currently CLOSED.

Walk-in clinics run Monday through Thursday from 5PM-8PM (registration opens at 4PM) and Saturdays from 9AM-NOON. Hours dependent on clinic volume. Individuals may be seen on triage basis. Masks are MANDATORY for our walk-in clinics. 

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